"Blingee (founded 2006) is an online animated GIF creator that allows users to create layered images using original photographs and artwork combined with user-generated ornamentation, referred to as "stamps."[src]"

honestly, i feel super nostalgic for blingees. it kinda sucks that it fell out of style, like ok its "cringe" or whatever but if i wanna see some sparkly images of anime boys OK?! i like having fun and looking at images...

i kinda miss the cringe days of the internet, actually. im too young to remember the old old web..but while i was on it, it had a whole different vibe. now its all corporations and shit, you know? but it is what it is ( ̄︿ ̄)

theres just a certain aesthetic about them that i enjoy very much. here are some that i really like :)

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