have you ever thought, why cant i play this game in my country? i dont have this game in the consoles i have! someone please end this neverending torment! well have i got the obvious solution for you!


if you know anything about me, you know i support emulation fully. its a way to keep games accessible to all and keep them playable for every player, from everywhere.

if neocities kills my site for this, its alright. ill simply makes sites forever.

this site contains multiple emulation resources! i am a firm believer that emulation is the next step to preserving various forms of media, but specially video games! this is all video game emulation btw!

ps: this site will be me mostly ranting, and providing some emulation resources!

a great source for roms and emulation is vimms lair an amazing resource since its rid of virus infections! its the main source i use for my games, in fact i got silent hill 2, persona 2 and 3 from vimms lair!

and hey pc gamers, check out steam unlocked

also, you might need ds4windows to hook up your dualshock controller to your pc!

android users, many emulators are available on android, so search it up on the playstore!

here are some game recommendations i have/games i want to play from vimms lair! (i love playstation games)

i am open to game recommendations btw..

emulation and piracy are things very dear to me...i used pirated ps2 games since i was a little kid, like crash bandicoot, spyro (not the fucked up one w crazy piracy measures), guitar hero, and many others.

here are some interesting videos bout emulation/piracy: